Fugitives from Turkish jails:  Jails are full with kidnapped

A number of detainees who fled from Turkish occupation jails said that kidnapped exposed to brutal methods of torture, amid false accusations being attached to them, while they affirmed that the prisons are full of kidnapped, and revealed the names of some of them, along with the presence of women of ISIS mercenaries.

A family consist of 5 members as well as two young men managed to escape from occupied Afrin, three of them were in the prisons of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Afrin, and al-Bab and Azaz regions.

People refused to reveal their names in order to preserve the safety of their relatives in the occupied areas, and indicated that the Turkish occupation commits crimes against civilians.

While they talked about the brutality they were exposed to while they were in prison, they asserted that they were full of kidnapped, while fabricating false charges.

Kidnapped women in a mercenary prison

The fugitives revealed the presence of 15 kidnapped women from occupied Afrin in a prison for the occupation mercenaries, and mentioned the names of a number of them:

Amina Bakr Sultan, 27, and her child, from Shia, Fatima Khalil Othman, 23, Shamsa al-Hamad, 30, from Aleppo countryside, Taghreed, Dalloni, 19, from Tal Rifaat, Rania Muhammad Khalil, 43, and her three-year-old daughter, from the village of Qagemo belonging to Janders district, Awash Shuqair is 50 years old, from the city of al-Tabqa, Fida Muhammad is 25 years old and her child. Fadwa Muhammad is 45 years old, Manal Hasna, 40 years old, from Manbij city, and that these women are arrested on charges of dealing with AA's institutions.

In addition to the detained Kawthar Hamada, on charges of dealing with the Syrian government. "

Women of ISIS in the occupied areas

The fugitives also explained the presence of a number of ISIS mercenary women also in a prison of the Turkish occupation, and mentioned their names and origins: "Ana Belovarian, 32 years old, and her infant child from Russia, Maria Stephen from Russia, a Russian mother of Tasnim with four children, Souad, 25 years old, Moroccan with three children, Sarah Fares, 25, and her baby are from the Syrian city of Homs. "

Civilians in the occupied areas are exposed to unending crimes by Turkey, while abductions abound to demand their families financial ransom in exchange for their release or killing in the event of non-payment.



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