Fuel crisis in areas of Syrian regime, latter conclude convention with al-Nusra

The Syrian regime raised the price of a liter of gasoline in the areas under its control to 600 SP per liter, while the areas of control of the Syrian regime, about two weeks ago, witnessed a traffic jam in front of petrol stations, which sparked a wave of resentment and ridicule among the people, local sources said that the regime and Jabhat al-Nusra held a meeting in which they agreed that Jabhat al-Nusra would provide the areas of regime control with gasoline.

Damascus and other Syrian regions, under the control of the Syrian regime, were paralyzed almost completely after the measures taken by the regime's institutions to reduce the allocations of gasoline and raise their prices, which led to a high level of popular discontent.

Following a meeting of the government of the regime, the Oil Ministry on Monday reduced the amount of gasoline for private cars to 20 liters every five days in a new investigative measure reflecting a worsening fuel crisis in the country.

The decision of the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources the 3rd  in ten days, reducing the allowed daily amount of private cars from 40 to 20 liters ten days ago and then become 20 liters every two days.

According to the media, citizens push their cars manually to deliver them to the fuel station instead of operating them, to save as much petrol as possible, while the streets seemed empty of normal traffic and the garbage containers were stacked because garbage trucks could not collect them.

The decision comes after the government announced new austerity measures to deal with the crisis.

The price of a liter of gasoline in the capital Damascus to 600 pounds, while in other areas, such as Lattakia amounted to 1000 Syrian pounds, where people often resort to the supply of gasoline from the black market.

Social networking pages were mocked by the people about the regime's inability to find a solution to the fuel crisis.

The regime officials have repeatedly blamed the fuel crisis for economic sanctions imposed by several Arab and Western countries, but the people attribute this to the regime's rampant corruption policies within their institutions.

Local sources said that an agreement had been signed in recent days between the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nusra and the Syrian regime, to provide the areas of the Syrian regime with fuel.

It is noteworthy, that Jabhat al-Nusra  receives fuel from the Turkish occupation state.



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