Fuad Masoum: Fighting IS' intellectual base is everyone's responsibility

The former Iraqi President Fuad Masoum said that fighting the ideological base on which IS depends in Syria and Iraq is a responsibility of all countries in the area and the world because terrorism is a global issue and everyone paid the price for this obscurantist thought in the modern era.


In a statement to our agency, Hawar news agency on the importance of the struggle against IS intellectually and militarily, and the serious positions of the countries of the region and the international community to combat terrorism, the former Iraqi President Fuad Masoum said that our societies have a great responsibility to fight the ideological base on which such extremist groups depend, and the religious, cultural and educational institutions must move in this direction to save our country from the atrocities in present and future.

IS was established in Syria and Iraq, exploiting the battle that the two countries have suffered from in the previous years, but launching military operations against these mercenary gangs since five years in Syria and Iraq contributed to inflicting it with the military defeat as the Syrian Democratic Forces are about to declare the military victory over IS in the last enclave in Deir ez-Zor countryside.

He added, "The Coalition has helped a lot in eliminating IS, and we hope that the military support from the Coalition States will continue because terrorism is a global issue that many countries have paid for in Europe, America and other parts of the world."

Masoum said about the reason of IS' focusing on Kurdistan in its war, "The Khawarij (the Exchangers) used to hide in Kurdistan areas because of their strategic importance in the war and their geographical location for the hit-and-run in the war."

About his personal efforts during Iraq's presidency on fighting terrorism, Masoum said, "The meeting between me and Hollande, the French president in Baghdad in 2017 led to holding a successful global conference for the joint action to eliminate IS."

On the Kurdish privacy in Syria and the constitutional recognition of it, he said, "The Syrian constitution should be amended to recognize all the components and achieve the national reconciliation among all components, and citizenship, the culture of accepting the other and the work for Syria for everybody must be the basis."

Fuad Masoum concluded, "All countries, institutions and influential figures must stand firm in order to eliminate IS completely and the work to restore security in both countries because that is in the interest of all countries in the area and the world. Terrorism is a global issue."



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