FSP preparing for holding conferences of branches

An official in the Future Syria Party (FSP) confirmed that 26 conferences had been held of districts in the regions of north and east Syria, clarified that the next stage is the stage of conducting branch conferences in the governorates, and indicated that the party’s general conference will soon be held.

The Future Syria Party is preparing to hold its general conference, and conferences in various districts of north and east Syria. About these conferences and their importance and what the participants reached, the Head of the General Organization Office in the Future Syria Party Ali al-Hamidi spoke to our agency.

Al-Hamidi pointed out that at the beginning of the launch of the Future Syria Party, he was only working to form committees in villages, towns and districts as a start to spread the party's thought, goals and program, and to organize the ranks of the party extensively to reach it to everyone from the individual in the same family.

And about the importance of holding conferences from the organizational aspect, he said: "With the approach of the general conference of the Future Syria Party, and with the expansion of the mass base, the masses had to be organized according to an organizational mechanism."

Al-Hamidi added: "From this standpoint, the conferences of districts have been launched to organize the partisans in villages and towns according to councils called the party councils in the district," stressing the need to organize and unify the ranks at this sensitive, future and critical stage.

Al-Hamidi indicated during his statement that the Future Syria Party has finished holding 26 conferences of the districts in the regions of northern and eastern Syria in each of al-Jazeera, the Euphrates, Afrin and al-Shahba regions, stressing that the party will continue to hold preparatory conferences for conferences of branches in the governorates, reaching the general conference.

On the party's evaluation of the conferences held, al-Hamidi said that the conferences were held according to what was planned for, in which the head of the district council and his deputies are elected in addition to the election of the party council members in the district, and the election of the members of the branches' conference. He added: "The conferences reached their main goal for which they were held."

At the end of his statement, the Head of the General Organization Office in the Future Syria Party Ali al-Hamidi said that the transition to the branch conferences stage will take place after the end of the district conferences stage, as during the branch conferences, the governorate councils' heads, their deputies, members of the governorate councils, disciplinary committees, and members of the general conference will be elected.

It is noteworthy that the Future Syria Party was officially announced during a founding conference held on March 27, 2019 in al-Raqqa city under the slogan "A pluralistic, decentralized and democratic Syria ," in which a party's general council consisting of 81 members, a head for the party and a general secretary were elected.


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