From one crisis to the next, Turkey is in trouble with Erdogan's irresponsible policies

​​​​​​​The Turkish opposition attacked the Turkish President Erdogan because of his failure to pass the Corona pandemic, while observers believe that the opposition has given the Turkish President a certificate in the authorities' inability to overcome the crisis, which is considered in a large part of it as a political being linked to the national security of the state and which suffers of endless crises thanks to Erdogan's irresponsible policies.

On Tuesday morning, the Arab press focused on the efforts of north and east Syria regions to fight the Corona pandemic, despite the limited capabilities and political crisis in Iraq after the overthrow of Adnan al-Zurfi and the failure of the government of the Justice and Development Party in light of the spread of Corona and the killing of a number of Syrian mercenaries in Libya.

Al-Bayan: The lack of capabilities hinders the efforts to combat "Corona" in north-eastern Syria

Concerning north and east Syria, and within the framework of fighting Corona, Al Bayan newspaper said, "In light of the weakness and humility of the health system in the regions of northeastern Syria, the Autonomous Administration has had no choice but to resort to a decisive curfew on the population and tightening control over civilians during the daytime hours, as the spread of Corona, it will have catastrophic repercussions.

This curfew, which has become the only solution for all countries, has become an effective law to which the most prominent areas in northeastern Syria have adhered, from the Iraq-Syria border to the city of Albukamal in the east, to be the best weapon to prevent the spread of Corona.

The measures were early in the decision to curfew the cities and villages, because the Autonomous Administration realizes the humility of the fragile medical capabilities in the region, and the seriousness of the pandemic in those areas that will not protect it from the rapid spread of the virus, which may get out of control in light of the lack of health centers due to the war years Long.

The alert against Corona in the regions of north-eastern Syria was the only solution to trying to defeat the Corona virus, and in a statement transmitted by local websites to a member of the Crisis Cell Administration formed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to confront the Corona virus, Talaat Younis said that popular response during the first week of imposing The curfew was "acceptable", considering the next stage "more sensitive."

According to Younis, the decision of the curfew on the area began after cases were announced in the capital, Damascus, and this prompted the medical sector to emphasize the curfew, while the Rapid Intervention Forces supported the decision with strict monitoring, which became a social law in those areas.

What is remarkable in the regions of northeastern Syria is the state of social and political response to confront the virus, and some parties have tended to cancel mass gathering and celebration cases.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: A new crisis in Iraq after the re-launch of al-Kazemi instead of Adnan al-Zurfi

Regarding the political crisis in Iraq, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "Until the evening of yesterday, the talk about the Director of the Intelligence Agency, Mustafa al-Kazemi, as a candidate to form the Iraqi government, was just speculation, especially since many armed factions and Shiite political blocs made serious accusations against al-Kazemi; most notably participation or complicity in the assassination of the leader of the former Iranian "Quds Force", Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Iraqi "Popular Mobilization Organization", Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Also, Al-Kazemi, described as an American fancy and therefore not different from the current official Adnan al-Zurfi in terms of the American character, starting with nationality and loyalty as the narrative of accusations says, was not proposed, unlike al-Zurfi in the Seven Committee formed by the Shiite leaders to choose a candidate to head the government. After the committee failed to agree on a specific name, the committee raised a group of names to Iraqi President Barham Salih, awaiting what is agreed upon within the leaders of the first Shiite line.

According to the information that was circulated on the night of the commissioning (3-16-2020), the Shiite leaders agreed to the Vice-President of the Presidential Court, Naim al-Suhail for the position. But returned, after about two hours from agreeing to it, and canceled the agreement, to throw the ball in the stadium of the President of the Republic, who was called to al-Zurfi, as the latter told the story of his assignment during a meeting last Saturday with journalists.

Al-Arab: The opposition gives Erdogan a failure certificate in the Corona test

Commenting on the Turkish crisis in the face of Corona and the failure to announce the authorities until now the curfew, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The Turkish opposition parties on Monday escalated their criticism of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who tried to remedy the losses he missed during the stages of managing the Corona crisis, which has become a stranglehold on The Turks.

While Erdogan was running a meeting with members of his government via closed-circuit television from the Huber Palace in Istanbul, to follow up on how to face the pandemic, opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdarıcı Oglo warned of a deeper economic and social crisis that the country faces under the regime's policies.

And local media quoted the leader of the Republican People's Party, the country's largest opposition party, as saying during press statements, "Turkey may succeed in terms of health, but it will fail in economic and social terms."

"If the political system continues in its current concept, we will face a serious crisis and we will face painful situations in the future," added.

The opposition is trying from time to time to expose Erdogan's practices, especially with the silence of the opposition's mouths every time the surface surfaces the government's failure to manage any crisis.

Observers confirm that the growing movements of parties opposing the policies of Erdogan, who has plunged his country into many conflicts, will erode the base of the Justice and Development Party.

They pointed out that the fight against Corona is a real test for the Turkish government, and it is clear that the opposition has given the president a testimony in the inability of the authorities to overcome the crisis, which is in large part of it political, being linked to the national security of the country, which suffers from endless crises thanks to Erdogan's irresponsible policies.

Al-Bayan: Erdogan's mercenaries suffer heavy losses

 Al-Bayan newspaper also reported the deaths of Syrian mercenaries in Libya and said, "A Libyan military source confirmed to Al-Bayan that Turkish intervention in Libya has turned into a direct invasion by using drones to bomb fuel and medicine shipments and supplies destined for cities and villages in the western region, and expanding the circle of aggression to several regions, in light of the world’s preoccupation with the crisis of the spread of Corona virus.

The source added that the Turkish regime is using NATO capabilities to attack vital targets, to destroy infrastructure and to intimidate civilians in areas supporting the army.

In this context, it was announced yesterday, that Turkish targets targeted a fuel tanker, two shipments of supplies and a security gate in the vicinity of the city of Bani Walid (180 km southwest of Tripoli).

The Prime Minister of the Libyan interim government, Abdullah al-Thani, expressed his strong condemnation of the frequent targeting of medical, food and fuel shipments that the government sends to its municipalities in the western region by the Turkish planes that fly to Accord Forces.

Al-Thani condemned the targeting of a cargo plane loaded with medical supplies to confront the Corona pandemic during its landing at the Tarhuna runway runway (80 km southwest of Tripoli), stressing that the shipment was to equip many hospitals to face the Corona pandemic in the western regions of the country.



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