​​​​​​​From Newroz to Akitu…Hasakah components celebrate on Akitu holiday

The Assyrian-Syriac-Chaldeans celebrated the Akitu feast in the city of Hasakah, and pointed out the importance of joint action in order to reach a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria that guarantees the rights of all components.

The Assyrian-Syriac people in Syria and the world celebrate the Assyrian-Syriac New Year (Akitu holiday), which falls on the first of April every year. On this occasion, the Assyrian-Syriac component celebrated in al-Hasakah canton.

The celebration was held in the village of Tal Wardiyat of Tal Tamr district in al-Hasakah canton, with the participation of the components "Kurds, Arabs, and Syriacs", in addition to the participation of representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, notables and sheikhs of Arab clans, and members of all civil and military institutions and centers in the city.

The ceremony began with the audience standing for a minute of silence. In honor of the souls of the martyrs, then a member of the Executive Body of the Syriac Union Party, Gabriel Chamoun, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the Akitu feast on all the components of the region.

Pointing out, "On the Akitu feast, from which the fragrant history and authenticity of the civilizations that lived on the land of Mesopotamia emerge, and inherited this ancient human heritage, we gather today together to confirm that we are still here, and the suffering of the past with all the seasons of persecution and massacres could not erase us from the present and the future."

Chamoun drew attention to their solidarity with the issues of the other components in light of the challenges everyone suffers from, stressing the importance of joint action for a common future and reaching a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria that guarantees the rights of all.

Then, the head of the Women's Body in North and East Syria, Adalat Omar, delivered a speech in which she emphasized that the day of the Akitu feast is the day of the revival of freedom and the consolidation and security in the region, and the holidays that we celebrate, from Newroz to Akitu and Red Wednesday, the feast of the Yazidis.

She added, "The dominant regimes tried to control this culture, with the aim of dividing the region and creating religious and sectarian conflicts to control it and plunder its wealth, foremost of which is the Turkish occupation state, which committed many massacres and genocides against our people."

A member of the General Authority of the Assyrian Democratic Organization - Syria Branch, Nabil Oshana, explained that they will do everything in their power to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of strengthening partnership between all political parties. All political expressions that represent our Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and other partners.

In conclusion, Oshana stressed that their goal is to work together to build a democratic, secular, decentralized Syria that guarantees the rights of women and the rights of all components, and the achievement of justice and equality.

T/ Satt.


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