Friday and congregational prayers suspended in all NE Syrian mosques

According to the recommendation issued by the Fatwa and Ijtihad Committee at the Islamic Democratic Society Conference, it was decided to suspend Friday and congregational prayers in all and mosques in northern and eastern Syria until further notice as a precautionary measure.

The Autonomous Administration issued Resolution No. / 23 / which prohibits gatherings and entry into the areas of the Autonomous Administration, as well as the disruption of institutes and schools, and based on this decision, the Islamic Democratic Society Conference issued a written circular, in which it revealed the suspension of Friday and congregational prayers in all mosques in North and East Syria until further notice.

The conference affirmed that it is sufficient to raise the call to prayer and say the muezzin, "Pray in your homes, O God, exalt us from the scourge, the epidemic, and the misfortune", cancel all religious gatherings and social events, and suspend all religious lessons, thanksgiving lessons, and lessons of the Holy Qur’an in mosques in order to ward off evil.



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