French researcher: Liberated areas from IS must be recognized by international society

The French writer and researcher of political philosophy Patrice Franshiski explained that the world must go from political to human rights. He said: "The fundamental task of the international community at this stage is the political recognition and then the rights of the Autonomous Administration in the liberated areas form Daesh grip."

The International Forum on Daesh was held in Bilsan Hall in Amouda district belonging to Qamishlo canton, with attendance hundreds of personalities to discuss the trial of Daesh mercenaries.

One of the participants in the forum is the French writer and political philosophy researcher Patrice Franshiski spoke to our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA), talked about the subject of Daesh trial. He said: "Daesh was defeated in the area and must be tried.

Daesh trial must be the issue of the world and humanity'

Patrice Franshisk explained that the establishment of the Forum in this way to define the region is very important and said: "The forum discussed the status of the region in terms of geopolitical and in general, we must find a solution to Daesh problem, with attendance of prominent figures and foreign to this forum shows that the trial of Daesh is not a subject limited to SDF or the region only, but is it tied to all the world and humanity as a whole."

He said that Daesh should be prosecuted in north and east of Syria and said: "Daesh was defeated in this region, and committed massacres and crimes against humanity in this region, all the documents and evidence of human rights violations exist here."

Turkey, Iran and the Syrian regime are supporting Daesh mercenaries' cells

Franshisk pointed out if Daesh defeated militarily that does not mean elimination in full, Deash mercenaries' cells and its ideology still remain, and in order to strike at security and stability in the region, the Turkish and Iranian governments and the Syrian regime continue to support these cells, to be eradicated these cells, a new kind of struggle must be found, because the problem of this region is not only to find a solution to the trial of Daesh detainees ,but there is a danger of Turkish schemes and the Syrian regime also on this region, so must focus on the political and legal stage.

And concluded his speech saying "Even the violations committed in Afrin must be transferred to international courts and held accountable."



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