Free Media Union calls on Kurdish media to play their role in uniting Kurds

The Free Media Union stressed the need to deal responsibly with the issue of uniting the Kurds, and called on the media to adopt a positive discourse that would accelerate the steps of Kurdish unity and avoid incitement.

On Saturday morning, the Free Media Union in North and East Syria made a statement to the public opinion about the unification of the Kurdish rank and the role of the media in the success of the discussions taking place between the Kurdish forces and political parties.

The statement was read by the co-chair of the Free Media Union Bangin Sido in Kurdish, in Al-Qiraa (Reading)  garden in Qamishlo in the presence of several media outlets.

The statement clarified: "For some time, the Kurdish parties and forces in the region have been negotiating to unify the Kurdish ranks, and these discussions have come after several initiatives, including the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi and the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)."

The Free Media Union statement warned of attempts to thwart efforts to unify the Kurdish rank: "These talks have received support at home and abroad, but there are forces hostile to the aspirations of the Kurdish people trying to thwart these discussions."

The statement stressed the need to involve all social strata in the ongoing talks to unify the Kurds "to ensure the success of the talks taking place among the Kurdish forces. All civil, social and cultural institutions, well-known personalities and partisan and independent media outlets must evaluate these discussions with sensitivity and strive to make them succeed."

On the role of the Kurdish media, the statement pointed to the need to deal responsibly: "The words and terms must be chosen carefully because the word has a great impact, and if used incorrectly, it could be a reason to hinder or thwart these discussions."

The Free Media Union called for all media outlets and journalists in Kurdistan in general "not to use terms that incite hatred and deepen disputes, work to use terms appropriate to the sensitivity of the stage and its development, and not to publish false information that affects the discussions."

The statement stressed the influential role of the media in achieving the aspirations of the Kurdish people: "The media outlets provide an appropriate platform for the success of these discussions and positively affect the people. The sides that are holding discussions among each other regarding the national unity must clarify the content of their discussions to the public opinion, the Kurdish people and the media.

The statement called on the Kurdish media outlets to include the discussions of the Kurdish unity in their top priorities: "The national unity must be one of the strategic goals of the Kurdish media, and the Kurdish media must do its duty to achieve the aspirations of the Kurdish people in Syria."


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