France  withdraws from a NATO operation due to its differences with Turkey

France decided to withdraw  temporarily from a maritime security operation for NATO in the Mediterranean, according to what the French army announced on Wednesday, due to its differences with Turkey months ago, especially regarding the conflict in Libya.

"We have decided to withdraw our units temporarily from" Operation Sea Guardian" waiting for correction of the situation, the ministry said in a press conference on the phone in an atmosphere of great tension between Paris and Ankara, especially months ago, over the Libya file.

For his part, a Defense Ministry official said that France wants NATO allies to "officially reaffirm their commitment" to the arms embargo imposed on Libya.

On the other hand, NATO commented on the French withdrawal, describing the decision to participate in the "Sea Guardian" as a sovereign matter, stressing that the process continues to combat terrorism despite France's withdrawal.

It stressed that the alliance ended the investigation of the French and Turkish frigates accident.

It is reported that France has repeatedly accused Turkey of violating the UN arms embargo on Libya, and described the Turkish government in Ankara as an obstacle to securing a ceasefire in Libya. 

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