France: Security alert to counter yellow vests' demonstrations

"France's Interior Minister Christophe Castanier has warned that violence actions could erupt on the 23rd Saturday Protests against yellow vests," AFP reported.

Christoph Castanier confirmed that "more than 60,000 policemen and gendarmes are ready across the country to ensure the safety of the French and ensure freedom of demonstration without danger" on a mobilization day called "second warning."

In a related context, the French presidency said on Friday that President Emmanuel Macaron will hold a press conference next Thursday to present a summary of an expanded new policy, in response to the demands of the protests of "yellow vests."

The Presidency said in a statement, "The press conference will be held on April 25, with the aim of presenting a summary of Macron's expanded new policy."

The press conference will be held at the Elysee Palace.

Last Monday, Macron was forced to cancel his word about new polices due to fire erupted in Notre Dame Cathedral.



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