​​​​​​​France calls on foreign powers not to interfere in Libya

​​​​​​​French Defense Minister Florence Parly said her country was seeking a ceasefire in Libya, and called on foreign powers to stop interfering in Libya and to stop violations of the arms embargo.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly confirmed on Monday that her country does not support one camp or another in Libya, noting that Libyan Army Commander Khalifa Haftar played an important role in combating ISIS mercenaries in Libya.

Florence Parly, in a press statement carried by Al-Arabiya, called on foreign powers to stop interfering and stop violations of the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations and thus return to the Berlin process and find a political solution.

She clarified that France condemns all violations of the arms embargo in Libya, wherever it comes from and without discrimination.

Florence Parly pointed out that Turkey brings a large number of Syrian mercenaries to the country, noting that all this is closely documented by the United Nations.

She said that her country seeks to obtain a cease-fire, to promote a political solution, to stabilize the country and to fight terrorism.

On Thursday, the French Minister of Defense expressed her country's concern about the moves made by Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, and confirmed her support for the Republic of Cyprus within the European Union as well as at the bilateral level, while supporting a political solution to the problems caused by Turkish intervention in Libya.



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