Fourth Session of International Forum: Women formed their own identity

During the fourth and final session of the second day of the International Forum on Daesh, it praised the role of women in defeating mercenaries who systematically targeted women's personality and identity.

The fourth session of the International Forum on Daesh, held in the city of Amouda in northeastern Syria, touched upon genocide against women, the resistance and the struggle of free women.

During the session, lectures were given by the General Coordinator of the Syrian Women's Council, Lina Barakat, former Co-Chair of the Antiquities Body of al-Jazeera Region and a member of the Jineoloji Center (Women's Science).

Daesh targeted woman's personality and identity

Berivan Khalid said" Daesh is an enemy of all human and societal values, knowing that women are the essence of these values ​​and therefore it has developed a systematic attack on the personality of women."

Shee added: "Daesh knows that the bondage of society lies in the bondage of women. It is permissible and permitted to re-invade a woman's body under the name of religion and leave her in the hands of a man who controls him whatever he wants."

"The number of Yazidis who were liberated with the children reached 6,417 women, girls and children," she said.

"More than 2,975 women, children and adults are still missing," according to Berivan.

Women formed their own identity

"As part of the experience of Autonomous Administration, women have been able to have a special identity and become military forces that have faced the most powerful terrorist movements in the world," said Zozan Sima who praised the role and struggle of women in northern and eastern Syria.



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