Footage shows Turkey's use of chemical weapons in Başûr

Turkey's use of chemical weapons against guerrilla positions continues, although there is various evidence and testimonies of these war crimes, there is no reaction at the international level.

According to the People's Defense Forces (HPG) statement published on 14 June, Turkey has used chemical weapons at least 779 times in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in two months. According to the report, an average of 13 attacks with chemical warfare agents have taken place every day.

ANF has obtained footage from the Şehîd Berxwedan tunnel at Girê Şehîd Şahin that once again testifies to the use of chemical weapons.

In the video, a guerrilla fighter wearing a gas mask points to black and white powder and says: "They are using chemical weapons. There is a very heavy smell." The gas used attacks the respiratory system and causes respiratory distress, the guerrilla fighter says, pointing to the blackened walls of the tunnel. The traces are unmistakable, he says.

"It is not the Turkish army that is fighting us today, it is chemical weapons and NATO technology." The guerrilla fighter says 

"In the video, the fighter shows the situation in the tunnel and says that along with pepper gas, another agent with yellow colouring was used. The fighter leads the way through the tunnel and points to the tracks: "When wind blows, the powder mixes with the air and takes effect again." Pointing to a yellowish puddle, he says, "This was created today." The yellow ordnance is odourless and causes exhaustion in people, he says. Traces of the yellow powder can also be seen on a generator," ANF Agency reported.



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