Food prices decrease in Amouda after addressing the violations

The markets of Amouda region are witnessing a noticeable decrease in the prices of food, vegetables and meat, after the measures taken by the People's Department and the provisioning committees in the district, according to the people of the district.

The Autonomous Administration in the region of al-Jazeera region, through its divisions and provisioning committees, seeks to limit the rise in the prices of food commodities, after the markets of the cities of the region witnessed a noticeable rise in the prices of food, vegetables and meat, in conjunction with the first day of the curfew imposed by the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria.

The curfew began on March 22nd, in an effort of the Autonomous Administration to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona virus that spread in the world, especially after it invaded the neighboring countries of Syria.

Some vendors took advantage of the curfew to raise the prices of foodstuffs, detergents and disinfectants, which prompted the management to take drastic measures to reduce the price hikes.

In this context, on Wednesday (the second day of the curfew), the General Administration of the Supply and Consumer Protection divisions issued price lists, in which the prices of vegetables and fruits were specified, and it appealed to the people to adopt daily price bulletins, and to report any violations by sellers.

In a follow-up to the reality of the markets and the impact of the administration measures on the markets and prices, our agency monitored the markets of Amouda, 30 km west of Qamishlo, in the northeast of Syria, which witnessed an abundance of vegetables, meat and foodstuffs in the areas of the district.

Hussein Sarhan, a district resident, told our agency while he was shopping and needed his vegetables from the Nahiya market. “the Autonomous Administration is responsible for protecting citizens from merchants, and monopolization. Today’s vegetable prices are better than previous days, after the measures the administration has taken to curb price increases, and we look forward to further steps. "

As for Abboud Hussein, he sees that there is a difference in commodity prices after the lists set by the administration, and he said: "We ask the administration to follow up the monopolists' accountability, and the sources of tampering with these prices, and to prosecute all the parties behind this, starting from the wholesale sellers to the sellers in retail stores. ".

On the measures taken by the provisioning division in Amouda regarding the stores that violated the circulars and price regulations, the official of the provisioning division, Rohlat Gajan, confirmed the more than 20 shops specializing in food and vegetables have violated the prices set, and said that their committees sent more than 100 warnings to the district stores, to prevent raising prices.

Rohlat pointed out that the provisioning division committees are continuing in their daily rounds at the shops, and called on the people of the district to take the initiative immediately by informing the provisioning committees of any violations by merchants and sellers.



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