Following Turkish occupation shelling, work underway to resupply Hasakah with water

Maintenance workshops affiliated to people’s municipality in Tal Tamr are working with the maintenance of water-traction lines that were targeted by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries yesterday, which led to a complete cut off of water in Hasakah canton.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries yesterday targeted the water drawing lines that feed the city of Hasakeh and its environs and villages with mortar shells, thus, the lines went out of service cutting off water again from Hasakah.

In addition, the special committees of the municipality in the city of Tel Tamer began the process of preparing the lines again to supply the city of Hasakah with, after it was cut off yesterday.

Muhamad Khlo, the co-chair of the people's municipality of Tel Tamr, told our correspondent that Turkey intentionally targeted the water lines that feed the Hasakah canyon, and stressed that the workshop would finish maintenance of the line within 24 hours if it was not targeted by the Turkish occupation guns and its mercenaries.

Of note, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are repeatedly trying to target vital resources, as they previously cut 5 times water from Hasakeh and its areas by stopping Alouk Station.



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