Following Truces and deals.. What happened in( de-escalation )?

 In the past few days, (de-escalation) attracted largely the attention, as  Russian-backed regime forces launched violent attacks despite Russia and Turkey declare of a long-term truce, and managed to make progress, which  worried Turkey a lot. what happened during these days?

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart reached a truce during a meeting in Turkey on January 8 did not last long.

Under Russian support. The regime is advancing and Turkey keeping silent

On the fourth day of the so-called truce, the Syrian regime forces intensified their attacks on Idlib with Russian support, amid ambiguity in the Turkish position.

Regime forces started advancing from the city of Khan Sheikhoun, which they captured in August last year. the regime mobilized its forces to advance toward the strategic Ma'arat al-Numan from the axis of Al-Tah town.

 The attacks were preceded by a meeting with Turkey's mercenary, during which it told them that it had not been able to persuade Russia to stop the attacks and that they had to rely on themselves, that was seen as an explicit abandonment of mercenaries.

Since the start of the violent offensive on Idlib countryside on 24 Th. 24 last month, regime forces have been able to take control of many villages and cities, most importantly, Ma'rat al-Numan city.

After Ma'arat al-Numan, Turkish screaming is rising.

After regime forces took control of the strategic city of Ma'arat al-Numan on January 28, and the regime spoke of large crowds and preparations to complete the offensive to Saraqeb in conjunction with the preparation for another attack in the Aleppo countryside, Turkish screams started.

Sources said that Turkey, during its talks with Russia, tried to reach an agreement to hand over Ma'arat al-Numan to the regime, in exchange for keeping its observation points and mercenaries on the international roads, but it seems that the Russian need to control the international roads has become urgent.

 The area of Saraqeb is very important and strategic for the Syrian regime, as it is the link between southern Aleppo and Idlib countryside, as well as the eastern gate of Idlib city.

the regime's control on Saraqeb enable it to besiege the area of Jabal al-Zawiya.

If the regime managed to take control of the town, it will gain access to Abu Al-Dhahur area and its airport, which is relatively close to the city center (27 km from Idlib). The regime forces are approaching Aleppo more than Turkish mercenaries.

 In order to avoid losing this strategic area, Turkey has placed three (checkpoints) in the vicinity of Saraqeb town to impede the advance and control of regime and Russian forces to the town, and also brought large military conveys to the area.

The main objective of the regime's attacks and Russia, as we have said, is to reach the international roads (M4-M5), and Saraqeb is considered the junction of the two roads, where the M4 road starts from the Iraqi-Syrian border from Tel Kocar to Lattakia, and at Saraqeb, intersects a new road called the M5 to Damascus.

This tension and rivalry showed the deferred differences between the so-called guarantor states, as Turkey moved its mercenaries in Aleppo countryside, which also worried Iran as the forces there are subordinate to it.

  The escalation between these parties culminated in direct engagement, with a number of Turkish soldiers killed by Syrian regime forces, while Iran expressed support for the regime.

 After all these developments, the path of Astana and the so-called "de-escalation" areas is on the brink.