Following Qamishlo attack, as people make repairs: We will stay

The owners of the shops in the city of Qamishlo began repairing their damaged shops following the attack on the city on November 11, stressing that the aim of these attacks is to spread panic and fear among the people, affirming their determination in their homeland and withstand all invaders.

On November 11, the city of Qamishlo was hit by two car bombs that exploded in the center of the city's market center on the densely populated Al-Wahda Street, where civilians were martyred and more than 40 others were injured.

More than 16 shops have been destroyed as well as the Ambassadors Hotel, Shoumo’ and Kaif Cafes have been badly damaged. Besides, 4 cars and a motorcycle have been burned.

The owners of the shops and the people’s municipality began to clean the area from remnants of the explosions. The residents stressed in this context that the aim of these attacks is to destabilize the security and stability in the city in the light of the attacks launched by Turkey on the rest of northern and eastern Syria. The residents also confirmed their commitment to their city.

The children of nine-year war

"The aim of these attacks is to spread terror and panic among the people, and to destabilize security and safety in the region," said Siamand Ali, a staff member at the Ambassadors Hotel, parts of which were damaged in the blasts.

He added: "The people will not be intimidated and will not leave their land, no matter how much they try, they will not reach their goal. We are the children of a nine-year war, and we have promised martyrs to follow in their footsteps.”

He addressed the people of the region by saying: "We are a people of resistance, struggle and strong will, and no one will be able to break our will, and all Kurdish forces in the region must join forces to stand against all the conspiracies planned against this people yearning for freedom.”

'We will not leave our country'

Daoud Chamoun, who has been restoring his library (Huria Library which he has been working in for 50 years), was badly damaged in the aftermath of the attack, explained that the attack targeted civilians. He said: "This library is not a military department. There are no military circles in this area. "

Chamoun explained that the perpetrators of crimes in northeastern Syria will not reach their goals because they remain in their homeland, and said: "We live here and all components coexist with each other including the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Armenians and other components with love and familiarity, and we will remain one hand against all dangers and will not leave our country. "

Danish Ramadan, one of the witnesses to the explosion and a worker at Kaif cafe, said: "My shift began, I entered the cafe to take over the work, my friend and I, when all of a sudden we heard a powerful sound and the windows were flying around, and we did not see anything because of smoke and fire, we hurried to get out of the cafe, we entered the warehouse and then heard a second sound, which was stronger. Then we did not know what to do, smoke and fire were everywhere, and the ambulances and the wounded were around and their sounds raised as if it were doomsday."

Ramadan pointed out that since the outbreak of the revolution, he never thought of getting out of the city where he grew up and lived his childhood and youth within it.



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