Folkloric fashion show in Al-Hasakah city

The Syrian Women's Council continues its activities launched on the occasion of the International Peace Day in the north and east of Syria, where it organized today a folkloric fashion show for all components of Al-Hasakah canton.

On the occasion of International Peace Day, the Syrian Women's Council in cooperation with the Culture and Art Body and the Union of Intellectuals in Al-Jazeera Region are holding various activities under the slogan "Believing in the Role of Women in Building Sustainable Peace".

As part of its activities, it organized a folkloric fashion show at Al-Khabour Center for Culture and Art in Al-Hasakah.

The event was co-chaired by Siham Qurio, General Co-Chair of the General Council for North and East Syria, Ibrahim Qas Ibrahim, President of the Syriac Cultural Society in Syria, Afaf Haski, the co-chair of the Culture and Art Committee in Al-Hasakah, and dozens of residents of the city.

The event started with a fashion show of Syriac, Arab and Kurdish folklore, then the Tolhildan band of the Khabour Center for Culture and Art in the city of Al-Hasakah presented singing performances.




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