Floods invaded eastern districts in Qamishlo

The eastern parts of Qamishlo canton have witnessed the falling of heavy rains, causing floods and torrents cut the road.


On Sunday night, heavy rains have fallen in Tirbê Spîyê, Çilaxa and Dêrik districts belonging to Qamishlo canton, causing floods in the main and subsidiary streets.
Our agency, Hawar news agency's (ANHA) correspondent said that the Emergency Committee rushed to rescue the people and their property. The floods cut the road between Qamishlo city and Dêrik district under attempts of the people's municipality to open the way.

The Bridge of Judy neighborhood (formerly Kherka) was destroyed in the city of Dêrik by floods that resulted in stopping the traffic.

Our correspondents have explained that the road between Dêrik district and Qamishlo city which passes through several districts such as Girkê Legê, Çilaxa and Tirbê Spîyê has not been progressed since night because of the floods.



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