Flood waters encircled 4 villages in Tel Hamis

4 villages were encircled and also 15 homes had been destroyed in Abo Jeren town belonging to Tel Hamis district in al-Jazeera region due to flood waters, and the people in the village criticized of the People's Municipality in the town and Tel-Hamis district to delay providing the assistances to them.

The eastern areas of al-Jazeera region witnessed torrential rains, causing the flooding of rivers that destroyed hundreds of homes, damaged the civilians' properties and flooded extensive areas of agricultural lands, estimated in 4 villages of Abo Jeren town of Tel Hamis district with 7,000 dunums.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) correspondent was able to reach the 4 villages, "al-Mellihiyya, al-Farhaniyya al-Khbira and al-Saghira and Kaeed hamlet."

The people of these villages demanded to provide the bread to them, as they have not reached them yet, and provide the assistance to them. Hamida al-Khazim from the village of al-Farhaniyya Saghira narrated her suffering and said: "One of my grandchildren died after the birth, but we could not bury him because of the rain and floods that swept through the village."

Mukhtar al-Farhaniyya village, Yusuf al-Basha said, "We fell between the course of the two valleys of al-Rad and and al-Jerahi, the water entered most houses and flooded more than 7 thousand dunum of the lands planted with barley, cumin," and he complained to the competent authorities to help those affected, and called for the construction of roads to reach their villages and the restoration of bridges.



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