First IS' attack on oil fields after its defeating

Daesh mercenaries have attacked oil fields in north of Iraq, which is considered the first of its kind since its defeat in Iraq by the end of 2017.

The network "Al-Arabiya. Net" stated from military official in Baghdad Operations Command that Daesh mercenaries had launched attack using small and medium weapons on the fields, "Ajil" and "Olas" in Salahaddin province, adding that "the attack is the first of its kind since the expulsion of Daesh elements from the end of the province 2017 ".

He said that "an explosive device exploded in a wheel of the Energy Police without any injuries"

The Iraqi Energy Police announced during a statement, to confront Deash mercenaries and blocking access to oil sites, while mercenaries tried to target the security forces charged with protecting the oil fields in preparation for storming the region.

Iraq has announced the liberation of its territories from the end of 2017 and the reconstruction of the liberated areas. However, mercenary attacks in the country have not ceased, and the security forces' campaigns have continued to target sleeping cells, particularly in remote and desert areas along the Syrian and Jordanian borders.



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