Fire in Newroz camp killed 4 children, injured 3 others

Four children lost their lives and three others were injured due to a fire broke out in Newroz camp in Dêrik district, as a result of the explosion of a gasoline heater.

A fire broke out on Friday evening at exactly half past six in Newroz camp in Dêrik city, which led to the burning of a tent completely, in which two families of Serêkaniyê and Zerkan displaced inhabit.

The fire claimed the lives of four children, who are each of the child Tayseer Mohammed Aleiwi al-Sajer; six years, Diana al-Sajer; eight years old, Baraa al-Sajer; two years old, Asad al-Sajer; eight months, in addition to injuring three others seriously who are Fatima al-Sajer; 12 years old, Miyassar al-Sajer; ten years old, and they are from Serêkaniyê displaced, and the wounding of the three-year-old Ahmed Mohammed Khalil Salimo, a displaced from Zerkan.

The Kurdish Red Crescent ambulances rushed to Newroz camp to transport the injured to the Martyr Hoger Hospital in Dêrik for receiving the medical treatment.


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