Fire in an oil pipeline in Tel Hamis raises the residents' concerns

A fire broke out in an oil pipeline near the village of Tal al-Hamm in the western countryside of Tel Hamis, while the fire raised concerns among the residents.

Today, a fire broke out in an oil pipeline near the village of Tal al-Hamm, which is affiliated with the town council of Tal Ahmad and its surroundings, and after that, the Internal Security Forces and the Rescue Department rushed to the place, and the firefighting teams of the Municipalities and Environmental Protection Committee from Qamishlo city managed to extinguish it upon their arrival.

There are oil pipelines in Tel Hamis areas, and oil often leaks from them, and Jazira Energy Authority has tried several times to ward off the danger of leakage by building earthen berms around it.

The co-chair of the municipality of the people in the area of ​​Tal Hamis Abd al-Rahman al-Hadi said: "Surrounding the pipes with an earthen shield only does not fulfill the purpose and does not remove the danger from the people, their children and their livestock, as it constitutes a pool filled with oil and the possibility of disasters that are more dangerous than the current danger."

The oil that escaped from the pipes, especially during the rise in heat bicycles, remains a nuisance to the people living around it.

People are calling on the Energy Authority to find a solution to prevent oil spills from leaking and maintaining them.



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