Finishing touches made for Herekol Fifth Book Fair

The Fifth Herekol Book Fair is sets off on Thursday July 29 with participation by 44 publishing houses from whole Kurdistan and a number of Arab countries after nearly three months of preparations.

Under auspices of the Art and Culture Body of North and East Syria, and '' Book is the Pulse of Life'', the Fifth Herekol Book Fair sets off on Thursday July 29 at the Mihemed Sheikho Center for Art and Culture in the city of Qamishlo

Participants in the event are publishing houses from Eastern Kurdistan , Northern Kurdistan and Southern Kurdistan in addition to a number of Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and UAE. 

The event that lasts for eight days is going to be open to visitors from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM local time where Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, English and Turkish languages are going to be displayed. 

Member of the Preparation Committee of the Fifth Herekol Book Fair Abdul Mageed Khalaf said that 44 publishing houses are taking part in the book fair adding that at least 13 000 books in all around 130 copies are expected to be displayed in the event in its 5th round.

Last years', 39 publishing houses took part with 11000 books in all 120 copies varying from cultural, religious, social, political and philosophical ones.



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