Financial corruption, secret agreements in ranks of mercenaries HTS

Not long after the video broadcast by one of the leaders of the first row in the mercenaries of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, and talked about corruption, and secret agreements and violations, until the mercenaries of the HTS to break their silence and announced the separation of "Abul-Abid Ashdah" and referred to the so-called "Military Justice".

Al-Arabiya. Net published a report by one of the leaders dismissed by HTS mercenaries about HTS mercenaries and their policy towards mercenaries and civilians through their methods of withdrawing income generating capabilities in areas under their control, in addition to the secret of secret agreements and economic thefts.

The martyrs of the Commander of the "Aleppo Bloc" in the ranks of HTS mercenaries and the general manager of the Army of Omar ibn al-Khattab, is considered one of the leaders of the first row in the ranks of mercenaries of the HTS, which still controls areas of Idlib in Syria.

Under the title of "not to sink the ship," in order to keep ISIS coherent, the dismissed commander talked about what he said was the secret and public agreements and economic thefts and failed management of the area controlled by Jabhat al- Nusra, criticizing the policy of the HTS in several areas, Including the poor economic situation of mercenaries and civilians alike through its methods of withdrawing income-generating capabilities on the areas controlled by the mercenaries " Heyat Tahrir al-Sham " in the north of Syria, according to him

In the videotape broadcast by Ashdah, the separated leader said: "HTS is no longer a project of a nation; nor the owners of the curriculum, and no group,

He also accused the leadership of the HTS of "superficial view of the management of the affairs of areas under its control, and marginalization and hostility to the people of efficiency and experience, and turned the leadership of the HTS to a special kingdom for them and their relatives and friends, appointing them in the most important factions, which led to wholesale splits in the form of groups, individuals and cadres," as he put it.

He added that "the standard of appointment taken by HTS is the criterion of loyalty to the leadership, and in the event of any complaint or the emergence of corruption of one of the princes, the mercenaries of the editorial process of the revolving chair, which is to change the position of Amir or transferred from one sector to another or from one to another, Amir with total loyalty to the HTS could hold ten positions. "

In addition, the leader accused the mercenaries of HTS that they "were aware of the intention of the regime's attack on the axis of al-Madiek castle and KafarNboda two months ago and did not take appropriate procedures and equipment."

As for the financial and economic aspect, he said, "HTS mercenaries, the first of its formation, received an amount of 100 million US dollars." Without describing the supporter, he described HTS mercenaries as "one of the richest entities, but speaking of rights and funds is a red line, whenever we ask the mercenaries of the Authority and the military sectors and joints to say that the money goes in such and such and then it turns out with the days of lack of credibility.

The only goal to HTS is collecting excise, taxing, collecting zakat, confiscating funds of organizations and monopolizing trade," he said.




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