Films in action will reveal reality into concrete image

A story embodies the scenario of a short documentary talks about a child from Afrin was displaced and has enforced to overcome the difficulties to reach the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in search of his dreams.


"Dişawat" A Kurdish word bearing the name of the film filmed in the alleys of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood by a member of the Intellectuals Union Haitham Mustafa.

The last view of Jabal al-Ahlam has been translated into a film

The scenario revolves around the story of the child Zagros, an ambitious child who wants to build a bright future for himself, his simple dreams and small ideas are transformed overnight into rubble by the war that displaced thousands of children by destroying their schools.

Zagros' adventure begins after he is driven away with his family from his home and land. His last view of his homeland, taken from Jabal al-Ahlam, is firmly rooted in his mind to reach the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood after he has cut off vast areas and exposed many suspicious and dangerous situations to settle in one of the semi- destructive homes in another journey of search for his talent in this life.

He goes out into the open in the midst of ruin and holds notebook and pen to translate the reality through a painting painted by a blue ink and an old notebook that left only a few blank pages.

Our resistance will not end

The director of the film Haitham Mustafa talked about his work to Hawar news agency, "Our pain is deeply wounded, but our resistance will not end, from the first day of Resistance of the Age until now and after nine months our resistance is continuing and its flams will not extinguish, the people insist to return, we as the Intellectuals Union want to deliver its voice to World Public Opinion in all possible ways.

Haitham pointed out that the psychological and physical pains inflicted by the Turkish war machine on the entire people of Afrin, especially the children, did not come out as a documented story to the international scene in all its segments, and that the story of the child Zagros is one of the thousands of stories that passed through the children of Afrin.

Haitham confirms that when this film has finished, another film will be prepared, it talks about the resistance, which has blown up from the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud during the attacks of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army on the neighborhood in times gone by.



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