Fighting among Turkey's mercenaries in Serêkaniyê renewed

Serêkaniyê city of al-Hasakah canton and which is occupied by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries is witnessing violent clashes among the mercenary factions in which they used heavy weapons.

Sources from inside the occupied city of Serêkaniyê told our agency's correspondent that violent clashes erupted among Turkey's mercenaries in al-Mahatta neighborhood near Mittan Square in the center of the city, which started at 15:45 on Friday afternoon and is still continuing until the moment.

The sources noted that the clashes which started with machine guns intensified, after which heavy sounds of artillery and mortars were heard.

According to preliminary information, as a result of these clashes and mutual bombing, a woman lost her life, and injuries left among the mercenaries.

It is noteworthy that during June, Serêkaniyê city witnessed clashes among the mercenary factions several times, the latest of which was in contrast to those who seized the "Mishwar Park" located opposite the Roj National Hospital and near Al-Shuhadaa Roundabout in Zaradasht neighborhood.


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