​​​​​​​Fighters  of Ain Issa fronts determined to resist occupation

Ain Issa fighters do not differentiate between ISIS and the Turkish occupation army fighting. They confirmed that their resistance will continue until the liberation of the entire occupied territories.

Since October 9, 2019, northeast of Syria has been under attack by Turkey with the remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra mercenaries.

Despite the UN and leaders of several countries calls for a full ceasefire in Syria, Turkey and its mercenaries continue their attacks.

Ain Issa area in northeast of Syria is the main area that is subjected to daily attacks by the Turkish occupation.

During our agency's interviews with fighters on the front lines of Ain Issa area, they stressed their determination to resist the occupation.

"We are here to repel the attacks of the Turkish enemy against our safe people. We are all steadfast and determined to defend the land and liberate our occupied territories from the tyranny and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation who unjustly invaded our land," said Sadiq al-Hamda, a fighter.

He continued: "Our fight against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries is no different from the fight against ISIS mercenaries, as those who fled during their defeat and defeat by the SDF in Raqqa, Al-Tabwa and Deir ez-Zor and managed to escape. They were recruited by Turkey in the ranks of its mercenaries to fight in the occupied  areas under the ranks of the National Army, but their actions exposed them."

"This land has been watered with the blood of martyrs all the components of the region within the SDF. We are going to defend the gains and protect the land and not forget our occupied cities and villages," he said.

 "My goal was from joining the SDF to fight ISIS, which had launched a campaign to defeat the Euphrates Wrath Campaign and I was so proud to participate in the liberation of my city and to complete the liberation of the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, the last stronghold of ISIS," said Mirkhas, a fighter from Al-Raqqa.

He continued: "Once again we counter the attempts of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to occupy new villages  and annex them to the occupied areas after its brutal aggression on Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê in October last year."

"The actions of mercenaries in the occupied territories are not much different from ISIS mercenaries ones. Even those who managed to escape to Turkey, claim to be a "National Army",  fight along the occupier," He said.

He stressed that they remain steadfast in defending their land against the occupier's attacks on the district and the rest of the territories.

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