Fighters in MMC: We are more powerful today to protect women from injustice

Fighters in the Manbij Military Council(MMC) indicated that on occasion of International Women's Day they will escalate the struggle to fight racism and injustice. Therefore, they are more powerful today to protect women from injustice.


International Women's Day is a day in which all women of the world unite and chant slogans aimed at freedom and salvation from injustice. Today, women in northern and eastern Syria have made great sacrifices to achieve their freedom and have made important achievements during the women's revolution.

In this regard, our ANHA agency conducted an interview with fighters in  (MMC) to see their views on the International Women's Day.

The fighter Jewaher Arima said, "the Day of March 8th  is important to us as women, considering that women achieved everything on International Women's Day with their strength and will. Previously, women did not enjoy their rights and no one recognized them despite their resistance and great struggle."

Jewaher pointed out that women have revolted since the day when International Women's Day was declared so far and they are convinced that they have the right to enjoy their rights.

The fighter Shiraz Manbij said that the International Women's Day became a day for women, a legacy for them and thanks to this day the women reached a stage of advanced awareness and strength.

In conclusion, the fighters promised all women to fight all forms of injustice and humiliation against them. They affirmed that women of Manbij and all women in the Middle East have free will.



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