Fierce shelling in "de-escalation", killing of an officer of regime

The area of the so-called "de-escalation" has witnessed during the past hours violent clashes, and mutual shelling between the regime forces and mercenary groups belonging to Turkey, and killed an officer of the regime forces.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, mercenary groups targeted regime forces positions in Meday town south of Idlib with rocket shelling.

A lieutenant in the regime forces was also killed on the Karakat axis in Jabal Shahshbo in the northwestern countryside of Hama, as a result of sniping and machine-gun attacks on mutual contact points between regime forces and mercenary groups.

The Syrian Observatory monitored on Sunday morning, the continued rocket shelling by the regime forces at the remainder of the area of ​​"de-escalation", where dozens of rocket-propelled grenades targeted after midnight Saturday-Sunday and this morning, areas in each of Hish, Kefer Sejna, Maret Herma, Rekaya and Marzita areas and no casualties were reported so far.

These developments come in the light of a ceasefire in the so-called de-escalation, days after the meeting (guarantors of Astana), which was overshadowed by the contradictions of these countries.

Observers believe that what happened during the meeting, is to extend the Russian deadline for Ankara to implement the old Sochi agreement, disband the mercenaries of the Haet Tahrir al-Sham and the Guards of Religion, in addition to the regime's control of international trade routes, where Turkey stalled in its implementation.


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