Feleknas Ûca: attacks on Kurdistan are outcome of Turkey's general crisis, solution lies in Imrali

"The Turkish state seeks, through its continuous attacks on all of Kurdistan, that the Kurds will not reach their rights, and this is not a way for a solution, and if it really wants a democratic solution, it should go to Imrali," she said.

The practices and crimes committed by the Turkish state against the peoples of Kurdistan, especially women, continue according to the approach of narrowing the screws and dividing the Kurdish society, and accordingly it started its attacks on the whole of Kurdistan.

On the concept and goals of the Turkish occupation state in Kurdistan, and its attacks on women, our agency conducted a meeting with the Deputy Joint Presidency of the Democratic Peoples’ Party, and parliamentarian for the city of Elih Feleknas Ûca.

On the first of last June, the Democratic Peoples' Party in Istanbul issued a declaration that included 9 items on the current war, the issue of the Kurds, women, youth, economics, and the environment, in order to solve these issues with the Turkish people, and therefore the party began the democratic process. On this announcement, Feleknaz said that this declaration and living issues in Turkey are not only related to the Kurdish people or the Democratic Peoples’ Party, but rather to the 82 million people who live in Turkey under siege, and continued, "The Democratic Peoples’ Party can be leading at the forefront of resolving these issues, because the role of this party was clear during the peace phase in the years 2012 to 2015. "

"We used to hold meetings every day regarding the policies of political genocide, attacks on our party, and the isolation of our parliamentarians, to set a way to solve these issues, and we had set a program of work for 3 months, and the march of democracy that we started was from three axes, the three axes met in Ankara on the date of June 20, the announcement was revealed there, and now there are discussions about our activities during the months of July and August.

With the success of the march, they started to attack the Democratic Society Congress and Rosa Society.

Regarding the pressures of the Turkish state about this march, Feleknaz said, "Despite the great pressures and obstacles, we organized our march, and the Turkish state tried by various means to disperse us and the people, and to limit our activities, but we refused the conspiracies, and did not allow them to undermine our march, thus, siege was broken and women and youth broke the barrier of their fear. In the city of Colemerg, the Turkish Special Forces were stationed in the homes, and despite that the people's forces managed to defeat them, and we must mention that with the success of our march, the attacks are escalated on a daily basis, and with our activities, a political attack is launched against the Roza Society For women, as all its workers were arrested.

Now attacks and arrests are escalating, especially against women, as an attack was launched against the Democratic Society Congress, with the aim of undermining its impact on society, and during this attack 40 people were arrested, 26 of whom were imprisoned, and the state is still continuing its campaigns to arrest a number of people, and this is not by chance or something new. "

Regarding the attacks of the Turkish state on all of Kurdistan, she said that its policies are failing, and continued, "These attacks are according to the anti-Kurdish concept of the four parts of Kurdistan. In Rojava, there is a demographic change and attacks, and the occupation of Başûr in Kurdistan is" southern Kurdistan, and in Bakur Kurdistan proxies are appointed, all of this is aimed at harming the gains of the Kurdish people, and in Sulaimaniyah, Makhmur, Şengal, Kobani, and killing women and children, in addition to occupying Afrin, Serekaniye, Gire Spi/ Tal Abyad, threatening to occupy more areas, and launching brutal attacks, In Kobani, 3 vanguard women were killed, in part of the policies targeting the Kurds. With the policies of war and murder trying to raise the voice of colonialism and tyranny, and to escalate hatred against the Kurdish people, and in the face of these policies we will escalate our struggle.

‘In order to block the path to success and historic victories, they kill women’

Ûca pointed out, "targeting women is not a coincidence, with the beginning of the peace phase, 3 leading women were targeted in the French capital, Paris, and when the peace phase was stopped, 3 women were killed in Slopi, and today, with steps being taken to reach Kurdish national unity in Rojava, 3 avant-garde women were killed in Kobani, this concept is against the will of the woman. Because they fear the woman and her pioneering role, they target her and try to undermine her resistance for the sake of freedom and defending the gains. "

′The Kurds are greater than death′

Feleknaz denounced the international silence towards the massacres committed against women and peoples, and she said in this context, "The whole world overlooked when Afrin, Serekaniye , and Gire Spi / Tal Abyad were occupied, and today also they overlook the massacre committed against the three avant-garde women activists in Kobani, and we have only one option, which is to escalate our struggle and form our unity, they want the Kurds to have no right, and this is a continuation of what resulted from the Lausanne Agreement, so they launch attacks on the Kurds ’gains, the Kurds are greater than death, so whatever they kill, displace, and plunder us, We will continue our struggle and our resistance, and we will be as we were at the forefront. "

′ If they really want the solution, they should go to Imrali ′

For the past 21 years, leader Abdullah Ocalan has been subjected to severe isolation, and in this context, Ûca noted that the key to the solution is in Imrali, and she said, "They are trying to keep Ocalan's philosophy and thought within isolation. Every word of Abdullah Ocalan is a light, a key to a solution, and Anti Violence and Torture (CPT) clarified the state of isolation in many of its reports, and the European Union also revealed its documents on the topic, but the solution to this issue is not only in the talk, today is the day of implementation and not the speech, and today the first woman must break the isolation in Imrali, and open the prisons’ doors, and this is achieved through our struggle and unity. Ocalan's freedom is the freedom of Middle Eastern society, and when Ocalan says in his meetings (I can solve the Kurdish issue within a week), the Turkish state should take these words as a basis for it, and open the doors of Imrali, and dismantle the isolation imposed on Ocalan, so attacks on the four parts of Kurdistan aim to annihilate the Kurds, and for this and for the sake of solution, they must dialogue with Ocalan and lift the isolation. "



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