Fawza Yusuf: Ocalan failed policy of enemies of Kurds

Fawza  stressed that the enemies of the Kurdish people were always aiming to liquidate the Kurdish leaders and strugglers in parts of Kurdistan to eliminate the Kurdish revolutions, but the leader Ocalan thwarted these schemes, so he was exposed to an international plot.


With the anniversary of the international plot of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Dêrik District Council organized a meeting at the Martyr Bawer Youth Center, attended by hundreds of members of civil society organizations and political parties in the district.

The meeting began with holding a minute of silence, during which a member of the General Coordinator spoke of Kongra Star of Fawza Youssef, denounced the international plot that affected the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, which entered its 21st year amid tight isolation imposed by the Justice and Development Government on Ocalan in Imrali prison in an attempt to break the will of the Kurdish people .

Fawza said, "After the arrest of the leader, our people did not stop the struggle and sacrifice for their freedom and dignity and to stand against the dirty conspiracy against their leader."

Fawza stressed that the enemies of the Kurdish people have always been aiming to liquidate the leaders and activists of the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan, following the policy of separating the head from the body, to liquidate the Kurdish revolutionary movements and eliminate them once the liquidation of leaders, and because Ocalan was aware of this fact he was targeted by the general enemies of the Kurdish people so he worked throughout his leadership and struggle to create a people able to continue the struggle.

Pointing out that the international conspiracy that affected Ocalan and the strict isolation imposed on him is an attempt to end the struggle of the Kurdish people.

The meeting concluded after discussions on the chapters of the international conspiracy and its causes and consequences, and to confirm the need to continue the struggle and organize events condemning the plot and demanding the freedom of Ocalan.



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