Fawza Youssef: Women's Council will build democratic system to solve problems of society

"In the spirit of Arin and Barin we started our revolution, and through the Women's Council in North and East Syria, we will build a democratic women's system," Fawza said.

 The Founding Conference of Women Council in North and East Syria, under the slogan "Free Women's Union is Guarantee for a Democratic Syria", was launched in the resort of Bilsan in Amouda district.

The conference is attended by hundreds of women from all parts of northern and eastern Syria, delegations from YPJ, Asayiş forces and Syriac women's Protection Units.

After holding  a minute of silence, a member of the conference, Fawza Yousef, delivered a speech in which she congratulated holding the conference on all women.

"The woman realized that she will succeed in achieving success and proved this during the revolution in northern Syria, which became the revolution of women, and became a shining example for all women in the world," she said.

"Women are still being oppressed and are still being killed under false pretenses and pretexts, so our revolution is still in its infancy, and the establishment of this council comes in this context ."

"We hope that this council will represent the management of women in northern and eastern Syria. It can solve women's issues in the Syrian crisis and represent its will, and enable women to play their role more in social, political and economic life," she said.

She noted that the council is not only for solving women's problems, but for solving society's problems because women are responsible for educating and managing society. "This council will contribute to women's access to their freedom," she said.



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