Fawza Youssef: Politics without women is policy of war, occupation, anti-democracy

Fawza Youssef, the Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) affirmed that democratic politics cannot be achieved without women, so the Women's Council in the Democratic Union Party seeks to adopt democratic policy and spread it among all political parties and actors.

Opposing the concept of the relationship of politics to the state only, linking it to centers of power and governance, and excluding society from it begins with the activation of society in the political arena. That is, the society becomes at the center of decision-making, while involving the inclusion of women in the political arena and handing them over its administration, as well as managing society.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration was able to fight the concept of politics and the state via a participatory and decentralized system based on the co-presidency, and relying on the proposals and decisions of all segments of society regarding the fate of the region, and accordingly the policy followed prompted the political parties to review the mechanism of their political work and how to manage it.

Therefore, the women of the PYD decided in 2018 to form a special council within the political party, so that the PYD became the first party to achieve democracy within its party by respecting the privacy of women politically.

On the sidelines of the second conference of the PYD's Women's Council, Fawza Youssef, the Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party spoke to Hawar news agency about the role of women in the political field.

The role of women in the political field to democratize politics

Fawza Youssef, the Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party said that women joined the political sphere during the Rojava revolution for political democratization, as the Democratic Union Party played an important role within its co-presidency system and the effectiveness of women in all organizational divisions of the Party, and stressed that democratic politics cannot be practiced without women.

Fawza Youssef indicated that the counter-revolution forces deliberately target women, and the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party is evidence of that, as these forces fear the presence of women in the political arena, or their presence in the decision-making position, and they seek to keep power under the rule of the male mentality, so the attacks will not be diminished agaisnt women.

Politics without women is a policy of war, occupation and anti-democracy

Fawza Youssef added that the Women's Council in the Democratic Union Party affirms that politics without women is a policy of war, occupation, and anti-democracy, saying: "We seek to combat these mentalities by activating the women's council in the political party because politics needs democracy."

On the role of women in the PYD, Fawza Youssef said: "The role of women within any other party in the countries is an office or a formal division, but the PYD broke that concept, fought it, and formed a special council for women for resolving deep issues.

She added that resolving women's issues requires the formation of broad organizations that are able to continuously monitor the status of women and develop women's struggle, so that the council seeks to express different opinions and influence the public opinion of the Party.

On the necessity to form the council, Fawza Youssef says: "If a party is not democratic in itself, it will not be able to create or address a democratic policy."

The second conference of the Women's Council is an opportunity to study women's issues in order to find ways to confront them

Fawza Youssef, the Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party believes that the second conference of the PYD Women's Council was held at a sensitive and important stage, in which women are being exposed to the most violent political, economic and moral attacks, in addition to special and psychological warfare.

She added that the council will study all issues related to women in the current period, and reach solutions, in addition to strengthening the women's front, and developing struggle and organization.

Fawza Youssef considers that the holding of the second conference in the current stage in which women are subjected to murder, assault, rape, and resort to committing suicide is to criticize the Women's Council for its struggle and its shortcomings regarding these issues and its lack of solutions to address them, and she adds: "Despite the changes and developments in society, but if women are still being killed, committing suicide, and being raped, this means that there are deficiencies we suffer from, so  all women's movements are required to mobilize to address them."

Fawza notes that the basic work that the Women's Council will seek in the Party is to reach all women, embrace them, and look together to solutions to women's issues because the Women's Council sees itself as an alternative to the prevailing political concept, as it will seek to bring about changes and developments in the region in particular and in Syria in general.

What women achieved in Rojava, they will place it at the service of national unity

Fawza Youssef indicated that the Kurdish people have a permanent dream which is to achieve unity, and that their only desire will remain until realization.

Fawza said: "If unity is democratic, that will serve the Kurdish people, but if it does not take into account the will of women, it cannot create a free and democratic society for the Kurdish people."

In the end, the Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party, Fawza Youssef, referred to Kurdish unity as a strategic and important issue, the role of women must be pioneering, and what they achieved in Rojava Revolution should be put in the service of achieving the national unity.



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