NEWS DESK- Hawar news agency met the co-chair of the Executive Body of Democratic North-Syria Federation Fawza Youssef about the last developments ongoing in Afrin, especially the information that states moving Faylaq al-Rahman from al-Ghotta al-Sharqiyah towards Afrin.

Fawza Youssef noted that the Turkish state by agreeing with Turkey works on a demographic change in Afrin area, Fawza added, “Moving Faylaq al-Rahman from al-Gottah al-Sharqiyah to Afrin indicates that Afrin is being exposed to an ethnic genocide so that our people must revolt everywhere against the war of extermination.”

About Antep Council that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries strive at forming it to manage Afrin, Fawza Youssef said, “For the council of traitors that is being prepared, it is a disregard for the will of our people, those traitors are trading with our people’s blood for the exchange of a cheap life. Moreover, everybody would participate in this council must be aware that Afrin people would not forgive them.”

Fawza Youssef pointed out that the Kurdish National Council must determine its attitude towards those mercenary agents who cooperated with Erdogan in killing our children and displacing hundreds of thousands of our people in Afrin.

Fawza Youssef said at the end of her speech, “The UN organizations and the International Society are responsible for the demographic change planned by Russia and Turkey so that they must do their tasks for what is practiced against the people in Afrin.”