Father of our reporter: My hand closed the eyes of Saad, who was an eye to convey the truth

In the presence of a crowd of people gathered in front of Tel Tamr Hospital, where dozens of martyrs and wounded were bombed by the Turkish occupation of the convoy of civilians, which hosts the body of our correspondent martyr Saad Ahmed, his father, "Sheikh Moss Ahmed," he says: "minutes ago I closed the eyes of my son Saad, who was an eye for the truth, and his camera was the eye that convey the truth of our pain and the massacres of which we are exposed to the failing public opinion.

The co-chair of Dêrik District Council Mohammed Abdul Rahim made a brief statement in front of Tel Tamr Hospital, where the martyrs and wounded of the Turkish occupation warplanes which bombarded the convoy of civilians heading to Serekaniye and condemned the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation against civilians, and stressed that the Turkish occupation, although it is aware that this the whole convoy include civilians. The reconnaissance aircraft hovered over the convoy until it reached Serekaniye and was bombed by warplanes, which confirms that the goal of the Turkish occupation is to commit massacres, genocide and ethnic cleansing against the peoples of the region.

“We, as the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, made sacrifices and sacrificed our children to rid the world of ISIS terrorism. All this is happening to the world, which provided nothing but statements that did not contribute in any way to stop these massacres, and we affirm that we will be responsible and resist this occupation until the last drop of our blood."

At the end of his speech, he offered his condolences to the families of the martyrs and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded.

After the statement, the father of our correspondent, Saad al-Ahmed, appeared among a crowd of martyrs and the wounded in front of the hospital, where the body of his son Saad rests, raising their morale and he says: I just closed the eyes of my son Saad with my own hand, my son, whose camera was the eye for the truth to convey the tragedy of his people and the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation against us to the world that failed him".

He also denounced "international conspiracy and complicity, especially America and Turkey, which allowed the Turkish fascism and its mercenaries to commit massacres against the Kurdish people and all components of northern and eastern Syria.".

Our correspondent Saad al-Ahmad on Sunday martyred as he was covering the convoy of civilians that went to Serekaniye to express their rejection of the Turkish invasion, which was bombed by Turkish occupation aircraft, and as a result, 11 civilians, including our correspondent, were martyred, and 74 others were injured, including 7 journalists, according to preliminary data.


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