Fathallah Hesso: Why does not Başûr administration demand Turkey to leave its lands?

The member of the political bureau of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party explained that the primary goal of the Turkish occupation is to ignite Kurdish-Kurdish fighting, and he called on all Kurdish parties to work for the Kurdish unity, and not to allow the Kurdish enemies to exploit these differences. He said: "Each part of Kurdistan is for all Kurds, not only a specific party's."

Zaina Warte area in Kurdistan Region has recently witnessed a major escalation between the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Patriotic Union after a military mobilization for the forces of the Democratic Party in that region, which was met with great opposition by the people, parties and political blocs.

The Kurdistan Democrat inserted what they call "Peshmerga Roj" in this fighting, and all these differences serve the Turkish occupation and foreign agendas.

The Kurdistan Region President Nichervan Barzani has recently stated that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is an "illegal" force in Başûr Kurdistan, and demanded it to leave while he disregards the existence of more than 27 military bases for the Turkish occupation.

Turkey does not accept the Kurds' existence

In this context, the member of the political bureau of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Fathallah Hesso said: "Returning to the Kurdish history, there was no agreement among the Kurdish parties, so the Kurds had 45 emirates and were constantly meeting, but there was no unity between them, so the emirates collapsed one after the other."

He continued: "We experience a very sensitive stage. The tension that occurs in Başûr Kurdistan and the Turkish state's attacks on Makhmour, in addition to its aggression and occupation in Rojava Kurdistan are a coherent scheme. The only beneficiary of all these tensions is the Turkish occupation state, as its primary goal is to ignite Kurdish-Kurdish fighting. When the Kurds agree and unite, Kurdish gains and goals will be achieved."

Hesso reminded the exclusionary mentality of the Turkish state, "The Turkish occupation state does not accept at all the presence of the Kurdish component in all parts of Kurdistan.  After gathering the forces of the Democratic Union Party in Zaina Warte region, especially since it did not have a presence in that region, we are very afraid because the enemy will take advantage of this opportunity and there will be fighting among the Kurds themselves. Every part of Kurdistan is for all Kurds and not only for a specific party."

Why does not Başûr administration demand the exit of the Turkish occupation?

Hesso pointed to the plans of the occupying state which divided Kurdistan, "Kurdistan with its four parts is unified, but the enemy divided it into parts as a result of the old agreements. Now, Kurdistan is under the shadow of four countries, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. We live on our land, and when we claim one of our rights, this is not considered a requirement, but rather a legitimate right."

The member of the political bureau of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party asked, "There are bases for the PKK in Başûr Kurdistan since ancient times, why did not the Region's government demand its exit before now, even though there are more than 27 military bases of the Turkish occupation state, in addition to its intelligence. We know very well that its main goal is to surround the Region, and Erdogan works on this basis."

He added, "When recognizing the independence of Kurdistan, all Kurds united with this decision. We saw how Erdogan attacked the Region and threatened them with hunger and siege. Turkey is attacking the Kurdish cause although all countries of the world are working to eradicate the Corona virus."

Hesso called for everybody to work for the sake of achieving the Kurdish unity and with one voice, a Kurdish conference was held in order to protect the gains made by virtue of the martyrs' blood, move away from partisan and personal interests and not to allow the Kurdish enemies to exploit those differences."



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