Farouk Al-Mashi: Turkey has brought nothing but misfortune to Syrian people

The co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Farouk Al-Mashi, confirmed that the Turkish occupation brought nothing but crimes and violations wherever it occupied, and that international silence supported it and increased its expansionist ambitions.

The Turkish crimes against civilians and the regions of northern and eastern Syria continue, in an attempt to occupy them. Turkey, which plundered the wealth and antiquities of the areas it occupied, is still practicing through its mercenaries all kinds of crimes such as murder, kidnapping and rape.

January 20 marks the third anniversary of the Turkish attack on Afrin canton.

The co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority, Farouk al-Mashi, touched in his speech that Turkish crimes “are not new to the arrogance of the Justice and Development Party, Erdogan, known internationally for his terrorism against civil peace in northern and eastern Syria, these areas that were for the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

Al-Mashi said, "He exploited and occupied Afrin and committed all the crimes that have been proven internationally. When we talk about Afrin, we have cousins ​​there, and they talk to us about what the Turks did, and the crimes they committed against the city’s people."

Al-Mashi spoke about the occupation ambitions of Erdogan, "He was not satisfied with the city of Afrin, but came to Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad, these safe areas under the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration in the country, and occupied them, and committed many crimes against them.”

Adding, "If we compare the areas occupied by Erdogan and his mercenaries in his operations, which he called the Olive Branch and the Spring of Peace, and the areas under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces, we find that our regions live in peace and have a wide economic and political movement. As for those, there is no safety, and crimes are practiced against their people, and he is trying to establish his occupation of Ain Issa, this peaceful inhabited city, whose people have always sought peace from the beginning.

Al-Mashi denounced the policy of the Justice and Development Party, represented by its president, Erdogan, aspiring to restore the lost sultanate, saying, “Erdogan and all those aspiring to restore the Ottoman Empire, say that they want to return these areas to their main inhabitants, knowing that these areas original owners are all the Syrian components including the Kurds, Arab tribes, Bedouins and others. "

The co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority added, "When ISIS mercenaries were meters away from the Turkish borders in Jarablus, Manbij, and Tal Abyad, why did he not talk about terrorism?

He pointed out that "the Syrian Democratic Forces were the ones who liberated these areas, and defeated ISIS terrorism at a time when the world was unable to defeat their terrorism."

Farouk Al-Mashi denounced the international silence and said that is what supported Erdogan in occupying these areas and increased his expansionist ambitions and committing crimes in them, it was Erdogan who introduced ISIS and financed it, and he is the one who sent mercenaries to Africa, Azerbaijan and Kashmir.



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