Families coming from al-Atarib narrated Jabhet al-Nusra's atrocities against them

Several families have fled from al-Atarib town headed towards Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood pointed out that Jabhet al-Nusra mercenaries are committing atrocities' practices against civilians, preventing them from the basic rights, and they faced living harsh conditions there.

Al-Atarib district is located in Jabal Samaan area, west of Aleppo city. It was controlled by Turkish occupation army's mercenaries in 2012 after battles with the Syrian government forces.

After the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra took control of al-Atarib district, the violations have been increased against the residents of the district and its towns.

The citizen from al-Atarib district (Sh.N), who did not want to be named for the safety of her family members, says that with the start of the Syrian revolution and the beginning of the attacks on the city of Aleppo in 2012, she fled to Jordan, and was unable to settle due to the difficult living conditions there, so she returned in 2015 to settle in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood.

Her displacement has not finished yet

After the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation attacked the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, she was forced to flee again and went to al-Atarib district, and the battles erupted there as well, she was displaced again to Sahal al-Ghab, where her sister resides, and there she granted her house to live where she settled there for three years, but as the Syrian government army bombed again on Sahal al-Ghab she returned to al-Atarib to avoid the massacres.

The human crossing is a means to collect money... and a cause of her family displacement

On her return trip to Aleppo after the Aoun al-Dadat crossing was opened on 11/11/2019, east of Aleppo, she added, “I tried to return with my children to Aleppo, but I was prevented by Jabhet al-Nusra mercenaries, only those who have element in the ranks of mercenaries. They can pass through the crossing, and I was forced to pay 60,000 SP for mercenaries and slept in wilderness for two nights until I managed to reach the city of Aleppo. "Also, she was not able to bring her 18-year-old son, fearing that he would be harmed before mercenary gangs, this is because the driver who transported them did not protect them from the mercenaries on the road.

A tragedy experienced by the people of al-Atarib

The citizen (N.SH) hoped at the end of her speech that peace and security will prevail in all Syrian lands, there is no difference between Arabs, Kurds and Syrians, as they are all from this country.



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