Failure to meet strikers' demands is serious sign of continuing human rights violations

The politicians and lawyers of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo said that the hunger strike was a great sacrifice against the Turkish occupier, and noted that failure to meet the demands of hunger strikers was a grave sign of the continuation of gross violations of human rights and that states had to undertake their responsibility.

The hunger strike's campaign, continued with pioneer role of MP Leyla Guven in the 192nd day, entered the stage of strike to death with joining thousands of political prisoners, activists and intellectuals in all parts of Kurdistan and number of EU countries, demanding to lift the isolation on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Women Office member in (MSD) Najla Hamza in Aleppo, and she talked about the continuation of the campaign and international silence, "The transformation of the strike campaign by Leyla Guven and the political detainees into the stage of strike to death has proved to the whole world the strength and will of the people to continue the struggle and break the isolation on Ocalan. Here, we ask why all this siege and detention? And we say to Turkey that Ocalan's thought will disseminate despite his detention."

States will be responsible for their silence

Political activist and lawyer Mohamed Jamil said that the activity of the activist Leyla Guven and thousands of participants represented a form of political struggle.

And added, "There is no doubt that the strikers have political demands. These demands are in accordance with the Turkish constitution. They have the right to express their opinion and give expression to the political struggle in Turkey, and the prison system in Turkey is not based on appropriate rules and laws with their rights stipulated to protect the rights of international detainees."

Lawyer and political and juristic activist Mohammed Jamil said, "The actions taken by Turkey not to meet the demands of the strikers are a serious indication of the continuation of gross violations of human rights in Turkey, the countries will shoulder their responsibility for their silence, and they are partners in the international conspiracy against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan."



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