Fahima Hemo: Turkey become a pariah state

The member of the Presidential Council of (MSD)Aleppo branch) said that Turkey has become a "pariah state in the west and east and is always trying to find an outlet for it", asserting that political dialogues with the presence of representatives of the people can solve the crisis.

This came during an interview counducted by ANHA with the member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) (Aleppo branch) Fahima Hemo, commenting on the continued escalation in Idlib and the Russian-Turkish contradictions.

Fahima Hemou, said at the beginning of her speech that the question of the Syrian crisis and turned its course to the war agents "came to implement plans and interests, the superpowers ridiculed this war in the service of their interests, so we see the aggravation day after day." Fahima said that the issue of Idlib and the differences that emerged in recent periods "are the agendas of countries seeking to achieve their interests through the continuation of the crisis."

Fahima added: "If we talk about contradictions,we must remember that Russia attractedTurkey to enter the Syrian crisis and at the same time  must not forget the provocative statements of Turkey in the northern countryside of Idleb, and we know that the beneficiary is Russia, which took from the regime treaties and agreements with official signatures for years on the ports to serve their interests in Syria, and Turkey has not got anything so far only supports the  mercenaries, so show inconsistencies, and we confirm if the situation continues, Turkey will go to the abyss."
Fahima explained "Turkey has media statements and promises to the people to protect national security, but it became clear to all that Turkey between the two options passed and it can be said that Turkey has become a pariah state in the West and East, Turkey is the big loser. "

Regarding the incompatibility between the mercenary factions in Idlib and its dispersion, Fahima said, "Unfortunately, eight years after the interference of foreign countries, Syria has become a focal point for terrorism, such as the al-Qaeda factions, Jabhat al-Nusra, each faction linked to a different state and its decision and funding comes from that country."

"We always say that the political solution through dialogues and negotiations is the best solution to the Syrian crisis, but unfortunately the negotiations that took place as Astana, which went through 12 rounds, have failed because of the absence of representatives of the people, these meetings are not to discuss the solution," Fahima said. But to ensure the interests of states on the ground. "

Fahima Hemo, concluding her talk " these factions must be eliminated to avoid massacres and to ensure the rights of the people to self-determination."



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