Factions of Accord Government fight in Tripoli

Armed clashes erupted between the factions loyal to the Libyan Accord Government, at dawn today, Sunday 26 April, following arrests factions carried out against others.

After "Tripoli Revolutionaries" battalion rebelled, it appears that the rift began to appear more clearly in the ranks of the factions loyal to the Libyan Accord government, as Zawiyah Dahmani area in the capital, Tripoli, on the dawn of Sunday witnessed violent clashes between these factions and another group.

Al-Arabiya.net, quoting local sources, said that the clashes took place between Quwet Arrada’ battalions and the Tripoli Revolutionaries battalion, where the sounds of explosions and heavy weapons shook the region.

According to the source, the clashes took place as a new arrest campaign carried out by Quwet Arrada’ against members of the "Tripoli Revolutionaries" battalion, days after the arrest of two of its leaders, Adham Nassoufi and Hani Mesbah, upon the order of the Minister of Interior Fathi Pashaga, which caused a case congestion and tension among the Tripoli militias, which threatened to withdraw from the fighting hubs.

Of note, Pashaga backed by the militias of the city of Misurata, loyal to the Brotherhood, has been in conflict for months with the militias of the capital Tripoli, especially the "Tripoli Revolutionaries" and "Al-Nawasi" battalions, where he was previously accused of corruption, of using influence, blackmail and conspiracy against the Ministry of the Interior, and penetration of the intelligence service and using it against state institutions, as he threatened to prosecute them.

Besides, the "Tripoli Revolutionaries" battalion threatened a few days ago to withdraw from the fighting fronts, in the event that the leaders, Nasoufi and Misbah, were not released.

Meanwhile, clashes continue between the army forces on the one hand and the forces affiliated with the Accord Government on the other, amid losses in the ranks of the two parties, especially in mortalities, in Kabylia region in Ain Zara, along with violent clashes in Rabish Abu Salim area and the Hadaba region near Hussein cemetery, as clashes renewed in Al-Sawani area near the Ramle area in the vicinity of Tripoli airport, amid strong explosions being heard in the capital.

The Libyan army vowed to respond to Accord’s bombing of the city of Tarhuna, stressing at the same time that it had shot down a Turkish drones in the Bani Walid area, while sources affiliated with the army forces confirmed a Turkish drone targeted a food truck in Bani Walid.


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