Eyewitnesses demanded International Forum to try ISIS in N,E of Syria

Eyewitnesses on Daesh mercenaries 's brutal practices have demanded to establish IC to try ISIS, stressing that ISIS trial must be on the areas of north and east of Syria.

After the opening speech, short film was presented about Daesh terrorism, followed by listening to live testimonies from victims of Daesh terrorism.

The citizen Makboula one the eyewitnesses on IS' brutal attacks on Şengal province on August 3, 2014: " Our people were killed in front of us and did not even allow us to approach them after they were killed. The blood was dripping from them in a way that is hard to forget. Beatings and rape. "

Makboula explained that:" "The children were killed in front of their mothers, and we could not do anything because the weapon was attached to us. We were transferred to Tel- Afar town after committing the massacre against our people."

"We had been sold in the slavery market in the middle of al-Raqqa city. What we have been exposed to is not easy, which is considered the most horrible crimes till now, I have been sold more than 15 times and run away several times but the mercenaries arrest us in each time we fled."

Makboula was liberated from IS' grip during Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign which was launched by SDF and she was handed over to the Autonomous Administration Office in Şengal province, she thanked SDF's fighters, which liberated her.

And there are thousands of citizens who were exposed to IS' brutal practices like the story of Makboula

Persus massacre was carried out in cooperation with the Turkish authorities`

The citizen Sabail Lashiek narrated the massacre which happened in Persus district in front of the city of Kobani on July 20, 2015, she said: "In the massacre of 20 July in Persus, we came to support Kobani resistance during IS' brutal attacks, and one of the Daesh who supported by Turkey blew himself up among us and killed dozens of our comrades. "

"The massacre was carried out in cooperation with the Turkish police at that time," adding: "The evidence that the police asked us why they did not die in that massacre ?!"

Free Army blackmailed Muath al-Kasasbeh 's family

Jawad, the eldest brother of the Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasabeh, who was burned alive by Daesh mercenaries, who joined the forum via the video service said: "We heard the news of the killing of our brother from the media, my brother was a pilot within the International Coalition Forces. The commander of the squadron went out on a mission to Syria and dropped its planes in Al-Assad lake, according to some that the plane was dropped by Daesh, but this information is doubtful, "and said:" After dropping the aircraft International Coalition still remained silent

Jawad al-Kassabeh said that the photos and videos that were published during the kidnapping of his brother were very disgraceful. He said: "The meeting was held in the leadership of the Kingdom of Jordan and told us that it would engage in negotiations for releasing him, and then entered the family in personal negotiations for the failure of international negotiations, and was blackmailed by the Free Army and the parties that were mediating between us and Daesh mercenaries.

" During the negotiations we were having with the Free Army and Daesh, appeared the issue of the notorious Daesh, and said" My brother has sacrificed of his body for his homeland and his absence broke the heart of family."

"We, as a family, have demands, namely, to conduct a serious and effective international investigation under the leadership of the International Coalition on how to kill my brother and to hold accountable all those who have a hand to burn our son and seriously search for the remains of Muath al-Kasasabeh to be handed over to his family and listening to the voice recording of the flight during his last flight, and compensate the family from all sides. "




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