Eyewitness Amed resistance: Spirit of July 14 leads revolution forfront

Kani AlKan, an eyewitnesses to the resistance of Amed prison, said that the mentality of the September 12 coup continues to this day, despite all the major crimes. "These crimes did not bring with it a solution for 40 years. Turkey continues to operate in accordance with the constitution that Kanaan Evren established in 1982".

Resistance of July 14, or Amed prison resistance, where the first pioneers of the PKK, Muhammad Khairi Dormoush, Kamal Pir and Ali Cicek, and Akef Yilmaz left a great legacy of resistance, for history and the future. This resistance engraved in the memory of the Kurdish people as a symbol of the struggle. The Kurdish children who were named after the pioneers of that resistance transferred that inheritance to subsequent generations.

The hunger strike until death is top resistance

38 years ago, PKK pioneers held in Amed prison fought a great resistance against injustice and wrote their names in letters of gold on the pages of history.

 On the 14th of July 1982, the hunger strike day that was top resistance, as the PKK pioneers, Muhammad Khairi Dormoush, Kamal Pir, Ali Cicek, Akef Yilmaz, Mustafa Qara Sue, Mustafa Ayata, Fouad Kaf, Fouad Kafconli declared the hunger strike against extermination, and during that resistance, Muhammad Khairy Dormoush, Kamal Pir, Ali Cicek and Akef Yilmaz were martyred.

One of the witnesses of the July 14 Resistance, Co-chair of the 78th Association of Amed, Kani Alkan, spoke to Hawar News Agency about the 38th anniversary of the resistance to the strike to death. Alkan, who spent 8 years in Amed prison, says that the July 14 Resistance continues everywhere.

During the September 12 coup, Alcan was tried in the PKK suit, and subjected to brutal torture in Amed prison.

Amed prison was built to suppress the struggle of the Kurdish people.

Alcan first spoke about the September 12 coup in Turkey, and said: “With the beginning of the coup, all Kurdish institutions were closed, and many were detained in Amed prison. The officer Asad Oktay used to say that this place is a military school. You are students in this school and turned the prison into a camp for gathering the Kurds. The military junta sent special units to Amed prison, Kanaan himself says that the prison was built to eliminate the struggle of the people Kurdish, and  the September 12 coup d'etat intended to bury the hopes of freedom.

The resistance thwarted the policies of the Turkish state

Alcan described the resistance of July 14 as " the historical position against the mentality of surrender", and said in this regard: "Mazloum Dogan operation was a prelude to the resistance of July 14 and the spark of freedom, and ignited (the four martyrs resistance) of July 14 “. Brutal forms of torture have been practiced with the aim of eliminating the resistance, as the communication between the prison dormitories has been cut. The Great Resistance was launched in dormitory No. 35, those resistance fighters who declared a strike to death on July 14, thwarted the state’s policies.”

Alcan said that Dogan, Kamal Pir, Khairi Dormoush, Ali Cicek and Akif Yilmaz bore a historic responsibility for them to thwart the goals of the enemy and sacrificed their lives for this goal. He added: Muhammed Khairy Dormoush’s saying, in which he says," write on my grave that I am indebted to my people", proving that great spirit that he possesses, he still feels that he is indebted to the people.

The resistance of Amed prison is a historic leap, a legacy of resistance for peoples, and the failure of the prison system due to spirit of the resistance of 14 July, that is spread everywhere. "

'The Turkish state continues with the same mentality'

Turning to the current situation in Turkey, Alcan said that the mentality of the September 12 coup is still continuing in the Turkish state, and he also added: "The mentality of the September 12 coup did not change, it is still prevailing, their goal is still to annihilate and kill. The mentality of Asaad Oktay , who wrote on the walls of the prison No. 5 'Speak Turkish Everywhere', still remains the dominant and unchanged. At that time there was a ban and prevention of the Kurdish language and identity. They say we will not accept the Kurdish presence even on the moon.

The Kurdish people have been subjected to various forms of inhuman practices such as massacres, killing, arresting and displacement, but they have not been eliminated, and the Kurdish issue has not been resolved, resistors such as Kamal Pir, who was leading the forefront of the popular struggle in the Black Sea regions, was saying "The salvation of the Middle East passes through solving the Kurdish issue, "the people of the Middle East must understand this internationalist spirit that Kamal Pir proved."

In Turkey there is a fierce attack against the people and the will of the people, and also in the Amed prison there were the same efforts to break the will, all these crimes over the past 40 years did not bring the solution, and will not bring, the constitution that Kanaan Evren established in 1982 is still in force in Turkey . The issues will not be resolved unless a free and democratic society is built. "

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