Extreme expensiveness in fuel price in Shahba canton

The continuous government siege on al-Shahba canton has led to an insane rise in fuel prices, which are scarcely available in the cantons, which include tens of thousands of displaced people from the occupied Afrin canton.

Day after day, the suffering of the displaced from Afrin, who live in the villages of al-Shahba canton, increases with the continued unjust siege imposed by the Damascus government and the prevention of entry of fuel, medicine and foodstuffs into the canton.

Since August of last year, the checkpoints of the "Fourth Division" affiliated with the Damascus government, deployed on the road linking al-Shahba canton and the city of Aleppo, have been tightened, completely preventing the entry of basic materials.

Winter without heating and medicines

With the temperatures dropping below zero, the suffering of the displaced from Afrin has worsened inside the camps, the almost destroyed homes in al-Shahba, and the scarcity of fuel and medicines, not to mention the lack of basic medicines.

The prices of scarcely available fuel have increased exponentially to what they were before the blockade, bringing the price of a liter of diesel to 11,000 SP. As for gasoline, the price of a liter reached 17 thousand SP, and a gas cylinder reached 170 thousand SP, and the price of a ton of firewood reached more than one million pounds.

And the people resort to cooking food on the remains and plastic materials (nylon, cardboard), which negatively affects human health.

Poor health condition

Among the most affected sectors in al-Shahba canton is the health sector. As a result of the government blockade, which caused the spread of diseases and the inability of medical points to provide the necessary treatment for patients.

Before the tightening of the siege, the "Fourth Division" imposed sums of money in proportion to the medicine trucks that were entering al-Shahba canton, while they were completely prevented from entering.

In al-Shahba canton, there are 6 medical points of the Kurdish Red Crescent, and one hospital; lacks medicines for patients with diabetes, pressure and heart disease, as well as seasonal diseases, and heating has led to plastic materials; of respiratory diseases.

The repercussions of the blockade on the agricultural sector

The siege imposed on al-Shahba canton also affected farmers, and fertilizer prices in the canton reached more than 80,000 SP. in addition to not being sufficiently available in the market, according to the Agriculture Committee.

Service institutions in al-Shahba canton were paralyzed. Because of the unjust blockade on the canton, and the almost complete cessation of service work.

The beginning was the rationing of electricity hours from 6 hours to only two hours, every 24 hours, and the reduction of working hours of water wells that supply the region with drinking water from 14 hours to 8 hours only; Due to the lack of sufficient fuel oil to operate the electricity generators.

And the vehicles that transport passengers to and from the villages and districts of al-Shahba canton stopped from 100 to 25 vehicles, not to mention the increase in wages from one thousand pounds to 5 thousand.

More than 200,000 citizens of the displaced from Afrin and the original residents of the region live in al-Shahba canton, distributed in semi-destroyed homes and 5 camps in the villages of al-Shahba and the two districts of Shara and Sherawa, south of occupied Afrin.

T/ Satt.


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