Extensive Arab and Western condemnation of Turkey's attacks

The Turkish occupation army launches its attacks on the north and east of Syria amid widespread Arab and Western condemnations, where the Security Council and the League of Arab States will hold meetings to discuss these attacks, while observers believe that Russia views with satisfaction.

On Thursday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon Turkish attacks on north and east of Syria.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Turkish invasion with air cover and Arab, Western condemnations

"The Turkish army began an invasion of areas in northeastern Syria, with air cover, yesterday, amid Arab and Western condemnations, and a European demand for a meeting in the Security Council to discuss development and its repercussions.

Turkish warplanes launched raids deep in northern Syria and the border region of Ras al-Ain, which was exposed to artillery shelling, forcing dozens of residents to flee their homes, while the Syrian Democratic Forces talked of raids «against civilian areas» causing panic.

Arab countries condemned the Turkish attack, and an official source at the Saudi Foreign Ministry expressed concern and condemnation of the Turkish aggression, calling it a "blatant violation of the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Syria" and described the move as a "threat to regional security and peace."

While Lebanon, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Syria and Kuwait condemned the attack, Egypt called for an emergency ministerial meeting of the Arab League. The League, in turn, and Assistant Secretary-General, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, confirmed that the meeting will be held next Saturday.

On the other hand, called on the European countries in the Security Council, to hold an emergency closed-door meeting of the Council on Thursday to discuss the Turkish attack.

Al-Arab: Russia views with satisfaction the Turkish adventure in northern Syria

For its part, Al-Arab newspaper said: "Moscow views with satisfaction the developments on the Turkish-Syrian border. Contrary to official statements, it appears not to be concerned about the outcome of the Turkish military campaign. It considers that Russian policy in Syria will be able to reap the fruits of the developments of the Turkish, American and Kurdish position. "

Observed Russian sources said that Moscow is looking forward to the complete withdrawal of US troops from Syria, and it is counting on the ability of US President Donald Trump to impose his choice to withdraw from Syria, which was met with resistance by Congress and US security institutions.

Experts in Russian affairs consider that Moscow still has the upper hand in the affairs of Syria, which alone is authorized to sponsor a political solution to end the conflict in this country, and that the announcement of the formation of the Constitutional Committee represents a success of the political process, which Moscow oversees according to its agenda in Syria

Experts believe that the Turkish military operation will not come out and will not be allowed to depart from the Russian strategy in Syria and does not go beyond the process of Astana, which brings Russia together with Turkey and Iran.

Observers of Syrian affairs suspect a US-Russian complicity that is pushing Turkey to engage in a military adventure in northern Syria. Observers believe that the Russian approach can only succeed in Syria under the auspices of Western countries led by the United States.



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