Explosion in al-Bab targeted leader of "Fileq al-Sham" mercenaries

 An explosion took place near al-Mehdtha School in the north side of al-Bab city which targeted a car related of "Fileq al-Sham" mercenaries.

All the occupied cities by the Turkish occupation army north-west of Syria are in a state of insecurity and chaos.

According to the initial information which told ANHA's reporter that the explosion resulted in the killing of one leader of "Fileq al-Sham" mercenaries called "Abu Abedo al-Ansari " from Homs in addition to wounding of 3 others of the mercenaries who were with him.

No one claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

It is noteworthy that al-Bab city is witnessing chaos and insecurity and the people demonstrated on July 19-2019 against the policy of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the city.



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