Expert on terrorism: Daesh is trying again to create hotbeds of tension in Syria

Maher Farghali an expert on terrorism said that Daesh aims through suicide attacks to create hotbeds of tension again, adding that Daesh mercenaries who are detained by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have great economic consequences, and the world is not cooperating on this file, EU countries are worried from returned and tried them, therefore the whole world must cooperate on this issue.

Our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with Maher Farghali, an Egyptian talked Daesh was completely defeated on the ground but its ideology still remained in minds some of the people, because any organization is an organizational structure and thought, and even if the structure is dismantled the idea of Takfiri remains not yet faced.

Daesh mercenaries changed their plans depending on sleeper cells

Farghali added " Daesh had been established since 2006, and its management had changed their plans depending on sleeper cells launched from Badia and the countryside into the cities, where they left their headquarters and depended on the cells, so we will see many operations, but in the end, it will be defeated, as long as these countries succeeded in solving the problem of political tensions and chaos.

SDF has prominent role to defeat Daesh

And said about the role of SDF " the Syrian Democratic Forces have played a great role before and have played a very large role in eliminating the concentration of Daesh mercenaries."

Maher Farghali stressed that SDF have a major role to play in maintaining security and stability in the liberated areas and creating transitional administration and justice in these areas, although this requires great international cooperation. However, the Syrian Democratic Forces carried out the difficult task and succeeded even now manage it so successfully.

The world is not cooperating in the issue of IS' detainees

Regarding the file of Daesh mercenaries who are detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the expert on terrorism Maher Farghali confirmed that the arrest of Daesh elements by SDF is very crucial and a very important effort. "The arrest of IS' elements have great economic consequences and the world is not cooperating with this file and Europe is afraid of their return or trial, and want to get rid of them saying "This is difficult for SDF. Therefore, the world should cooperate with managing this file with them, and the intellectual dismantling of these elements must be dismantled and the serious elements of them prosecuted."


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