​​​​​​​Expatriates far from homeland but close to their families  

Expatriates confirm their association with their homeland through the periodic initiative of support for their families at home, the latest of which, a group of expatriates from  Tirbê Spiyê countryside villages raised money for the needy families and service projects.

Under the coronavirus outbreak and the curfew which is in place in the Autonomous Administration areas and as a preventive measure to prevent the emergence of the virus that affects the day labors families, the Autonomous Administration has taken the initiative of registering  and distributing food baskets on the disadvantaged families under the curfew.

The region has witnessed several individual and institutions initiatives, such as the initiative of the Democratic Society Movement, and exempting tenants from wages.

In a similar initiative, Bayandor's expatriated in Tirbê Spiyê district, raised funds for the service committee in their village. The committee in turn, buys food and distributes food baskets on the villagers.

Member of the committee, Hussein Omer said that in the previous years,  our expatriates in cooperation with the villagers carried out several service projects, such as building condolence house and digging a water well for the village.  With the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, they raised money for the village's needy families.

Omer said the service committee of the commune is supervising the aid distribution on all the villagers.

Preparing service projects for the village

Omer said they are renovating the village playground, supplying it with artificial grass, maintaining the village's lighting, and cleaning the river thanks to the support of their expatriates.

"This proves their strong connection with their homeland and village," he said, adding that he wished Rojava expatriates  could support their families, especially in the present time.



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